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LEGO Jurassic World – Spanish Gameplay – Chapter 1

Tu Cara me Suena, the new contest that arrives to the nights of Caracol Television from next Monday, February 23rd at 8:00 p.m., had its launching event for the media last Tuesday 17th, at the Cacio y Pepe Restaurant in the north of Bogota.

The journalists had contact, besides Dany Hoyos, with the three jurors: Paola Turbay, Martina la Peligrosa and Camilo Cifuentes, and with several participants who commented on this particular experience of transforming themselves into personalities such as Cristina Aguilera, Raffaella Carrá, Rafael, etc…, singers to whom tribute will be paid starting this Monday at 8:00 p.m. with the grand premiere of Tu Cara me Suena.

Marvel’s Spider-Man – Gameplay with English subtitles

Originally created to commemorate the saga’s thirtieth anniversary, World of Final Fantasy is a true celebration and, more importantly, is the most accessible title in the saga, regardless of our Final Fantasy knowledge, user level or age.  The plot is light and full of jokes and puns; it is the Final Fantasy that takes itself least seriously of all, though it does so with absolute respect for the saga. The impeccable translation helps to make the characters believable and to differentiate their different characters very well and, although its script is not excessively complex, it includes elements and situations that only the most fans of the Square Enix saga will know how to understand. And if, in addition to Japanese games, you like the cartoons created in the Land of the Rising Sun, the game’s storyline will be occasionally shown through anime sequences.

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It is in the confrontations that World of Final Fantasy makes the difference. While its development is the most linear and classic, the battles will make us much more complicated although, fortunately, as far as we want to complicate us. If there is something World of Final Fantasy has is its tremendous accessibility; it is not necessary to know the saga inside out or be a real expert in RPG’s to enjoy the title created by Tose, although if we want to get all the juice, we will have to spend a few minutes to attend to the tutorials of battle and capture enemies or, more specifically, Mirages. Perhaps this trailer that you have on our website since before the summer will make it clearer what the Mirages are.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim | In English

Ábrete paso disparando y saqueando por el indómito mundo de Pandora con PS VR. Elige a tu cazador de bóvedas entre cuatro clases distintas con estilos de combate únicos: sirena, comando, pistolero o asesino. Equípate con cientos de armas de última generación y lucha para llenarte los bolsillos.

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Lánzate a vastos mapas en el vibrante battle royale de fantasía de Hi-Rez Studios, donde 100 jugadores luchan por la gloria. Con cinco clases únicas para elegir, puedes devastar a tus oponentes como un guerrero con hacha o volar por el cielo como un mago que lanza bolas de fuego. ¿Serás el último campeón en pie?

Ponte en la piel de un talentoso piloto de motos aerodinámicas con la misión de reunir suficiente dinero para un billete de ida a Marte. Realiza trabajos esporádicos para escapar de una Tierra en ruinas y participa en la mayor carrera del universo, el Gran Premio.

Únete a los soldados de la EDF y lucha contra los invasores alienígenas en el shooter de acción de Sandlot, con más de 100 misiones y más de 1.000 armas. Lucha junto a otros soldados de la EDF en el modo multijugador online para cuatro jugadores o invita a un amigo a jugar en modo cooperativo en el sofá para dos jugadores.

Mario Fifax

After a few days of pondering why this was happening to me, I think I’ve come to a conclusion that, at least in my head, sounds spectacular. It turns out that the first installment introduced us to a new character, a new world and we discovered a franchise with huge potential. Plus all the hype of trying out a new PlayStation icon like Aloy was or is for the first time. Horizon Forbidden West reminds me in part to Spider-Man Miles Morales regarding the main game, it improves it but does not reinvent the wheel.

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I’ve tried to figure out if maybe this was the result of high expectations, but I think I’ve stayed away from them. I like Dragon Ball, so I’ll give you an example. Horizon Forbidden West is a SS2 with respect to the previous game, that is to say, it is stronger but the packaging does not change. From SS1 to SS3 if there is a big difference, but not so palpable between the first two levels. Sometimes it’s hard to know if Goku is in SS1 or SS2. Are you getting where I’m going?

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