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But you can be sanctioned if you are under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs or hallucinogenic substances. They can also do it if you are with your cell phone, even with helmets and headphones. Remember that with this new regulation it is completely forbidden to ride on the sidewalk or without the necessary lighting systems to ensure safety.

If we go a little deeper into the subject and more if you are a user of an electric scooter, electric bicycle or VMP (Personal Mobility Vehicles) read on to learn more about the new DGT regulations.    Stay tuned to this article because we are going to tell you what you need to know about the new 2020 electric scooter regulations that apply to your electric vehicle. The joke can be very expensive!

The DGT modified its instruction last December 2019 clarifying of the denomination «electric scooter» and which has entered into force since January 2020. These measures are being applied as of now and can lead to fines from 500€.

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In this post we talk about the famous electric scooters, which have become more and more eye-catching as those of the brand Cecotec. If you want to know all the details of these scooters, you can get a complete guide in the following article comparing the best Cecotec scooters. There you will find excellent comparisons and expert analysis

As new technologies advance in electronic devices and gadgets and in the ways we communicate, so do other common elements. This has happened with the way we move and means of automotive transport, which increasingly include new technologies, making it easier for us to move around the city.

Cecotec has become, without a doubt, one of the most important and referential brands in the electric scooter market. Always betting on a better manufacturing quality, they offer scooters that are self-propelled by an electric motor. This is their advantage.

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Cecotec is going strong in terms of market share. Increasingly present in it, there are several ranges depending on where we want to aim and what we want it for. But considering the characteristics that each one has, it is essential that you think about what you expect to get when you buy your cecotec.

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1. Арматура, кріплення, фурнітура тааналогічні вироби з недорогоціннихметалів для використання у будівлях:Aro de toalla HG AddStoris chrome/Полотенцедержатель арт.48 /41754000-1шт.Країна виробництва – EUТорговельна марка – HansgroheВиробник – Hansgrohe SE

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