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Welcome to my page. Here you will find a compilation, enumeration or reference to the albums that throughout my life I have been accumulating. In other cases perhaps only mention or description of those that for various reasons I consider relevant and in my opinion worth highlighting. I put all this information at your disposal and if there is something that might interest you or that you would like to acquire from among the specimens that are mentioned in this space or are related to the material described here, do not hesitate to contact me.  I will try to provide you with the channels so that you can get your hands on these specimens, if possible. I am also open to opinions and suggestions. I hope you enjoy browsing this space and find motivation in its contents.

My name is Luis Borrego and I was born in Madrid. I became a Beatles fan at the age of 13. It all started as a revelation when «Twist and Shout» EP and the album «Beatles For Sale» fell into my hands. They were brought as a gift by a sister of my mother who lived in London. Since then, I have always been interested in rock and Anglo-Saxon popular music. The discovery of the LP «The Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan» would come soon through my good friend JC, whose godmother lived in Biarritz. She bought her godson this awesome find, so impossible to spot in Spain at the time. Next came the single «Like A Rolling Stone» that a school mate lent me in the summer of ’66 along with the single «Gloria» performed by The Shadows Of Night. The last one already occupying one of the top ten spots on UK hits lists. That event changed my life forever. Vinyl records, especially the LP’s of those wonderful years, specifically, releases referred to as Anglo-Saxon popular music, have been for me objects of worship since the first drumbeat and first few sentences of «Like A Rolling Stone» resounded in my ears, altering my sense of perception. Nothing would ever be the same again.

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Y la danza cuadrada conmigo Dr. Dre., quiere bailar conmigo Nasty Nas, quiere bailar conmigo X a la Z, quiere bailar conmigo Busta Rhymes, quiere bailar conmigo Cana-b*tch no quiere bailar conmigo Fan-a-b*tch, no quiere bailar conmigo Canada-bis, no quiere ninguna parte de mí Dirty Dozen quiere bailar contigo YEE-HAW

Y la danza cuadrada conmigo Dr. Dre., Quiere enfrentarme a Nasty Nas, quiere bailar conmigo X a la Z, quiere bailar conmigo Busta Rhymes, quiere bailar conmigo Cana-b * tch ganó no bailes cuadrados conmigo Fan-ab * tch, no bailará conmigo en cuadratura Canada-bis, no quiero partes de mí Dirty Dozen quiere bailar cuadradas contigo YEE-HAW

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Something relatively scarce in the musical field is the production inspired by serial killers. Thus, although many artists and groups have touched the theme of death in general, few are those who have seen serial killers as a particular source of inspiration. Among them are Slayer, Church of Misery, Marilyn Manson, Sistem of a Down and many more that you will see in this article.

As the previous paragraph makes you suspect, the musical genre in which there have been more productions around serial killers is metal, followed by rock. And this is indeed so, not only at the level of well-known representatives of the music scene but also at the level of those who enjoy less fame and even those who are in the underground sphere.

Finally and to finish, we put a list of killers (almost all serial killers) with many[3] of their respective songs, a list in which, in many cases, the names of the songs have been linked to virtually available versions of the tracks.

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Proof lançou um esforço a solo que incluiu colaborações com Eminem, 50 Cent, Method Man, Nate Dogg, B-Real of Cypress Hill, T3 of Slum Village, Obie Trice, Royce Da 5’9″ e outros membros de D12. O álbum foi lançado na sua própria editora Iron Fist Records em conjunto com a IDN Distribution (da Alliance Entertainment).

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A prova dizia que ele não trabalhava com Shady Records ou Aftermath Entertainment porque queria «construir a sua própria editora discográfica». Muitas das suas canções cativantes, tais como «Many Men», podem ser vistas em canções de outros rappers. Chamado Searching for Jerry Garcia, o álbum foi lançado a 9 de Agosto de 2005 através da sua própria editora de discos Iron Fist.

Foi morto a tiro em Detroit, a 11 de Abril de 2006, numa disputa que começou com uma partida de um grupo de rappers desconhecidos. Tudo começou quando o grupo adversário mergulhou em Proof, que respondeu em espécie, começando uma discussão. A prova puxou de uma arma e foi baleada (alegadamente) e morreu à chegada ao hospital. A versão dos oficiais foi a de que ele começou o tiroteio, mas vários rumores contradizem isto.[1] Foi relatado que a morte dos oficiais foi o resultado do tiroteio.

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